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Strategic Initiatives

Education and Awareness

Eradicating overt and covert racism starts with education. The incomplete narrative currently...
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BAME Representation in Decision and Policy-Making

We want to continue to build a strong and powerful network representing the voices of BAME communities to...
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Policy Solutions

The goal is to review policies such as policing, healthcare, education that impacts...
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Racial Incidents in our Schools and Workplaces

Racial offences that do not qualify as “hate crimes” are in our schools and workplaces...
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A resolution to make York an Anti-Racist City

See below draft resolution

The time is now to boldly speak up. We must come together to create a fairer, safer and equal world for all. We cannot end racism in one area without tackling it in all areas. Therefore, an integrated, bold and comprehensive approach is needed – all guided by the principles of human rights.

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Recent News & Videos

First Spade - Philippa

Working with Wilberforce Trust in York

Philippa Crowther, the CEO of Wilberforce Trust – “I am delighted that the Wilberforce Trust is working with a BAME-led organisation like Speak Up Diversity to support us in reviewing and improving our equality and diversity

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