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The “everyday racism” project is essential in empowering you and I to hold our local governments and decision-makers to do something real about racism. It is here to record instances of overt racism, racial micro-aggression, discrimination, unfair biases on a day to day basis. The incidents might be minor or serious, pervasive or even subtle that you don’t think it is necessary to speak up on.

This is not just for those who may experience it but also for anyone who might have witnessed racism and want to get clarification on whether what you have seen or heard is racist. Please share your story – it is important. Your voice will help to create a positive change.

Tell us as much as you feel comfortable to do so, use your name or a pseudonym – it’s up to you. By sharing your story, we can progressively move forward in dismantling racism in our communities and holding those responsible to make changes and do the right thing.

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